History of the Carrum Football Club and Carrum Patterson Lakes Football Club

Carrum Football Club 1911-1996

Carrum Patterson Lakes Football Club 2013 - Present


Club History

Football has been reported to be played in Carrum since as early as 1902. Between 1902 and 1908 it has been well reported that a 'Carrum Football Club' played pre-season matches against the likes of Frankston FC and Mornington FC but never competed in an organised competition.

A news article from the Mornington Standard in 1909 reports the formation of the 'Carrum Football Club' with R. W. Jones elected as President and M. McCauley and A. Rigby as Vice-Presidents. Desipte forming a club in 1909 and playing one off matches here and there they would not compete in regular competition until 1911.

At that point Carrum Football club had a proud history from 1911 until folding in 1996.

Federal FA / Peninsula FA / Peninsula District FA

Carrum Football Club first competed in the Federal Football Association as Carrum - Chelsea Football Club in 1911, competing against Moorabbin, Cheltenham and Victoria Brewery. In 1912 the club did not compete but would return in 1913 and 1914 again reamalgamated as Carrum-Chelsea. In 1914, Carrum would finish 5th on the ladder at the end of what would be their last season until after WW1.

Final 1914 Ladder
1. Moorabbin
2. Cheltenham (Same club currently in the SFL Div 1)
3. Caulfield District
4. Middle Brighton
5. Carrum
6. Black Rock
(Same club currently in the SFL Div 3)
7. Mentone (Merged with St Bedes and currently playing as St Bedes/Mentone Tigers in the VAFA)
8. Moorabbin Park
9. Heatherton
(Same club currently in the SFL Div 1)

In 1919 following WW1 Chelsea broke away from the Carrum Football Club and formed their own 'Chelsea Football Club'. Carrum Football Club now competed as a stand alone club in the Federal Football Association, Carrum would play in the Federal FA on and off for the next 40 years.

Carrum played a short stint between 1919 and 1921 in the Mornington Peninsula Football Association. It was during this time that Carrum won their first Senior Premiership in 1921, they then returned to the Federal FA the next year. In 1928 the club underwent some financial hardship and disbanded until 1932. They reformed and joined the Peninsula District Football Association where they won their second premiership in 1932 in their return season. In 1933, Carrum came runners up to Rosebud and at the end of the 1933 season the Peninsula District FA merged with the Peninsula FA to form the Mornington Peninsula Football League.


Mornington Peninsula FL / Mornington Peninsula Nepean FL

In 1936 the club disbanded again and the players joined neighbouring clubs, particularly Seaford. Due to constant pressure from the old Carrum players and limited players in both Seaford and Carrum towns, they decided to combine and entered the Mornington Peninsula Football League as Seaford/Carrum Football Club. The combined Seaford/Carrum side would compete together until 1940. During those 4 season the team lost 51 games and only won 2.

In 1941 Carrum went stand alone again competing in a social league but achieveing little success. Carrum would soon return to the MPFL and shortly after won the MPFL B Grade Premiership in 1948 and again in 1955. Following this Carrum entered a rebuilding stage and yielded little success until 1959 when greate efforts were made to match the strength of sides such as Hastings, Frankston and Crib Point. It paid off with the 1959 premiership, getting over Hastings by just 1 point.

Carrum Lions would then stay in the MPFL all the way through until 1988 when the Mornington Peninsula Football League merged with the Nepean Football League to form the MPNFL that we know today. The MPNFL was where Carrum won their final flag as the MPNFL 2nd Division Premiers in 1994 (the equivilent to the Nepean Football League today).


Home Grounds

1911 - RIGBY'S LAND - Where Stanley St now is

1913-1914 - FORSYTH'S PROPERTY - Bottom end of Breeze St

1921 - PRIESTLEY'S PADDOCK - McLeod Rd, Carrum

1922-1954 - KEAST PARK - Nepean Hwy, Carrum where the car park to the Carrum Bowls Club now stands

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The Graham Road Reserve was renamed the Roy Dore Reserve in 1985 in honor of long time Carrum CFA Captain and Carrum FC President, Player and Coach Roy Dore.

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Club Colours and Guernsey

1911 - No Record

1913-1914 - Blue with Gold Band (Carrum/Chelsea)

1921 - Navy Blue with Royal Blue Band

1922-1927 - Gold Jumper with Blue Band

1932-1935 - Blue Jumper with Gold V

1937-1940 - Black with Gold Sash (Seaford/Carrum)

1941-1945 - Brown with Gold Band

1946-1948 - Gold Jumper with Blue V

1949-1954 - Blue Jumper with Yellow V

1955-1956 - Yellow Jumper with Blue Band


For a short period of time in the 1950's and 60's Carrum FC wore blue and gold hoops similar to the Geelong jumper. In 1961 the Bonbeach Football Club was formed and Carrum FC donated these blue and gold hooped guernseys to Bonbeach FC for them to wear in their inaugural season.

1963 - 1969

Known as the Carrum Lions the club colours were originally blue and gold. Players originally wore a blue jumper with a gold yolk.


In the late 1960s the club changed its colours to the Maroon and Blue. The playing guernsey mirrored Fitroys in the VFL being a Maroon guerensey with a blue yolk and a gold Lion emblem located on the left brest of the Jersey. This was also when Carrum began wearing the now infamous white CFC monogram on the centre of their guernsey.

At the same time the club song was changed from the original - "Blue and Gold, Blue and Gold, we will be premiers and you will be told. At the end of the season, we will show you the reason, why Carrum's on top of them all" to the 'It's a Grand Old Flag' used commonly by the Melbourne Demons and is still currently in use today.



In Carrums final years their guernsey changed from the dark maroon and blue yolk to red and royal blue yolk and a white monogram. Again, mirroring the Fitzroy Lions of the VFL who changed their guernsey colours due to the popularity of colour television.

2013 - Present

When reforming the club alot of interest was voiced to reform the club again as the 'Carrum Football Club'. But due to the change in demographics of the area it was decided to name the club 'Carrum Patterson Lakes Football Club' to incorporate the growing Patterson Lakes community that did not exist when the original Carrum Football Club was formed. While technically located in Carrum, Roy Dore Reserve marks the border between Carrum and Patterson Lakes townships with the houses to the beach side of the ground being in 'Carrum' and houses to the inland side of the ground being 'Patterson Lakes'.

As a tribute to over 100 years of football in the Carrum community the current playing guernsey pays homage to the guernsey worn when the Carrum Football Club won back to back MPFL premierships in 1973 and 1974.


Premierships and Grand Final Appearances

1921 1st XVIII Premiers - Carrum 7.17.59 d Hastings 7.4.46 - Played at Somerville

1932 1st XVIII Premiers - Carrum d Rosebud -  Played at Dromana

1933 1st XVIII Runners Up - Rosebud 8.12.60 d Carrum 5.10.40 - Played at Dromana

1948 1st XVIII Premiers - Carrum 17.7.109 d Rye 14.14.98 - Played at Mornington

1955 1st XVIII Premiers - Carrum 6.13.49 d Rye 4.10.34 - Played at Dromana

1959 1st XVIII Premiers - Carrum 11.14.80 d Hastings 12.7.79 - Played at Mornington

1961 1st XVIII Runners Up - Frankston 12.15.87 d Carrum 9.14.68 - Played at Mornington

1963 2nd XVIII Premiers

1965 1st XVIII Runners Up - Edithvale Aspendale 11.6.72 d Carrum 8.13.61 - Played at Mornington

1966 3rd XVIII Premiers

1966 2nd XVIII Runners Up

1967 1st XVIII Runners Up - Chelsea 20.18.138 d Carrum 11.21.87 - Played at Mornington

1968 2nd XVIII Runners Up

1973 1st XVIII Premiers - Carrum 12.14.86 d Hastings 4.17.41 - Played at Mornington

1974 1st XVIII Premiers - Carrum 11.17.83 d Mornington 11.13.79 - Played at Mornington

1974 2nd XVIII Premiers

1974 3rd XVIII Runners Up

1975 1st XVIII Runners Up - Hastings 18.19.127 d Carrum 10.13.73 - Played at Mornington

1976 3rd XVIII Runners Up

1989 2nd XVIII Premiers

1993 1st XVIII Runners Up - Langwarrin 14.13.97 d Carrum 15.6.96 - Played at Frankston

1994 1st XVIII Premiers - Carrum 15.8.98 d Rosebud 13.8.86 - Played at Frankston

2013 2nd XVIII Runners Up - Doveton Eagles 11.15.81 d Carrum PL 7.5.47 - Played at Cheltenham

2013 1st XVIII Runners Up - Doveton Eagles 14.11.95 d Carrum PL 7.14.56 - Played at Cheltenham

2014 2nd XVIII Runners Up - Lyndale 16.10.106 d Carrum PL 5.9.39 - Played at Heatherton
Total Premierships
1st XVIII Premierships - 8
1st XVIII Runners Up - 7

2nd XVIII Premierships - 3
2nd XVIII Runners Up - 4

3rd XVIII Premierships - 1
3rd XVIII Runners Up - 2


League Best and Fairests


1958 - W. Stevens

1965 - W. I'Anson

1965 - R. Stubbs

1983 - H Felmingham


1959 - L. Wangman

1961 - J. Jelley

1969 - Gary Guy

1976 - Robbie Laing

1982 - Wayne Norrish


1965 - Peter Briggs

1969 - Mick Collier

1971 - Glenn Heath

1983 - Jeff Lord


VFL/AFL Players from Carrum

B. Colliver - Essendon
S. Hogg - Sth Melbourne
N. LeBrun - Richmond, Essendon
M. Whelan - Collingwood
W. Stevens - Fitzroy
W. Hillis - Richmond
W. Russell - Geelong, Richmond
L. Owens - Sth Melbuorne, Fitzroy
N. Johnstone - Fitzroy
R. Stubbs - Hawthorn
E. Guy - St Kilda
W. Guy - Nth Melbourne
G. Guy - Melbourne
L. Parkes - Richmond
J. Symons - Richmond, Fitzroy
Wilkinson - Footscray
G. Minihan - St Kilda
R. Walton - St Kilda
R. McKenzie - Melbourne
M. Czarnecki - Melbourne

Ron Stubbs gained an All Australia Guernsey in 1981 playing for Tasmania.

Eric Guy was a noted tough man who played for St Kilda and Gary Guy played for Melbourne

Mark Czarnecki played for Melbourne, Dandenong VFA and Frankston VFA.

Long Time Coaches included Ivan Guy, Norm Stephens, Mal Lord, John Hoyne and the club's last premiership coach, Dale Carpenter.

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