Club Colours

Club Colours and Guernsey

1911 - No Record
1913-1914 - Blue with Gold Band (Carrum/Chelsea)
1921 - Navy Blue with Royal Blue Band
1922-1927 - Gold Jumper with Blue Band
1932-1935 - Blue Jumper with Gold V
1937-1940 - Black with Gold Sash (Seaford/Carrum)
1941-1945 - Brown with Gold Band
1946-1948 - Gold Jumper with Blue V
1949-1954 - Blue Jumper with Yellow V
1955-1956 - Yellow Jumper with Blue Band



For a short period of time in the 1950's and 60's Carrum FC wore blue and gold hoops similar to the Geelong jumper. In 1961 the Bonbeach Football Club was formed and Carrum FC donated these blue and gold hooped guernseys to Bonbeach FC for them to wear in their inaugural season.

1963 - 1969


Known as the Carrum Lions the club colours were originally blue and gold. Players originally wore a blue jumper with a gold yolk.



In the late 1960s the club changed its colours to the Maroon and Blue. The playing guernsey mirrored Fitroys in the VFL being a Maroon guerensey with a blue yolk and a gold Lion emblem located on the left brest of the Jersey. This was also when Carrum began wearing the now infamous white CFC monogram on the centre of their guernsey.
At the same time the club song was changed from the original - "Blue and Gold, Blue and Gold, we will be premiers and you will be told. At the end of the season, we will show you the reason, why Carrum's on top of them all" to the 'It's a Grand Old Flag' used commonly by the Melbourne Demons and is still currently in use today.



In Carrums final years their guernsey changed from the dark maroon and blue yolk to red and royal blue yolk and a white monogram. Again, mirroring the Fitzroy Lions of the VFL who changed their guernsey colours due to the popularity of colour television.

2013 - Present

When reforming the club alot of interest was voiced to reform the club again as the 'Carrum Football Club'. But due to the change in demographics of the area it was decided to name the club 'Carrum Patterson Lakes Football Club' to incorporate the growing Patterson Lakes community that did not exist when the original Carrum Football Club was formed. While technically located in Carrum, Roy Dore Reserve marks the border between Carrum and Patterson Lakes townships with the houses to the beach side of the ground being in 'Carrum' and houses to the inland side of the ground being 'Patterson Lakes'.
As a tribute to over 100 years of football in the Carrum community the current playing guernsey pays homage to the guernsey worn when the Carrum Football Club won back to back MPFL premierships in 1973 and 1974.